What to pack for a Gold Coast holiday?

If you are planning for a holiday on the Gold Coast, deciding where to stay is the first thing to do. Then comes the packing part and preparing for the exciting trip. Well, the whole process of packing and preparing can be a bit overwhelming, and to help you out, we made a list of what to bring and how to prepare for a fun and pleasant holiday experience on the Gold Coast.

List of things to pack for your Gold Coast holiday

Clothing: Depending of on the weather and your preference, pack your clothes, whilst remembering to bring only the essentials. Take: –

  1. T-shirts, short / long sleeved shirts / polo shirt
  2. Underwear for each day
  3. 2 pairs of pants / shorts / skirts
  4. Summer hat
  5. Swim wear
  6. Thongs / sandals / comfy shoes
  7. A cardigan or jacket, the nights can still get a little cool.

Choose clothes that are thin and light in order to save more room for your other items.

Important Items: We’ve listed a few items below that should be on your very important to pack list.

  1. Emergency cash, ATM and credit cards
  2. First-aid medical kit
  3. Glasses, sun glasses and contact lenses
  4. Toiletries
  5. Important documents such as passport, insurance, flight details, etc.

Electronic items:

Electronic gadgets should be kept inside your hand luggage in order to avoid them from getting crushed in other baggage. For a holiday trip, electronic gadgets that you might need are:

  1. Cameras and batteries
  2. Mobile phones
  3. Chargers and plug adaptors if needed
  4. iPods / mp3 players

Secure your packed belongings in a good quality backpack and make sure your mini padlocks are all in place. If you don’t want to carry your backpack everywhere, bring a small bag for those day trips.

Packing your items in an organised way is the best way to avoid forgetting anything essential and ensuring your outfits are nice and tidy when you arrive at your destination. A checklist is a great way to ensure you don’t forget anything.

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