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How to choose the right accommodation on a beach holiday

‘Salt in the air and sand in your hair’, this is how it feels to be on a beach destination holiday. But where you choose to stay when you are planning for a beach destination can often make or break your experience. To ensure your happy long stay on your vacation, here are 5 tips on how you can choose the right accommodation on beach holiday.

Choose the area

When planning for a beach holiday, choose your destination area fist. If you’re visiting open countryside or a small beachside village, there may be fewer options for hotels, but there might be a wider selection of home rentals. If you’re visiting a large city, your options will be numerous. So keep that in mind.

Think about your Budget

The budget plays a vital role in influencing where you want to stay during a vacation. Consider the total amount of money you are able and willing to spend during your holiday. What is your budget? Perhaps you can afford a luxurious hotel experience or an entire home rental. If not then you have to check for low budget accommodations.

Think about your requirements

Different accommodations come with different amenities and services. Hotels offer amenities like in-room dining, dry cleaning services, daily servicing, medical help, etc, where apartment or home rentals might not include daily servicing, but they often include gestures from the host like wine, or a book of recommendations, in addition to basics like towels and linen. Before booking for your accommodation, think about your requirements.


If you are travelling with your family, then you should pick an accommodation option that suits the whole family. There should be facilities and appliances that can make your kid’s stay comfortable and enjoyable.


If you need relaxation during your holiday, then check the privacy option of your chosen accommodation. To get some time, avoid big chain hotels. Choose self-contained holiday rentals located at peaceful neighbourhoods or go for one bedroom apartments. This way, you are assured that you’ll be staying in an exclusive place and on a serene surrounding.

If you are planning for a beach holiday, make sure you’ve picked the right accommodation as it should be within the walking distance from the beach.  All in all, considering these things before you book your holiday accommodation will let you enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

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Best places to dine in on Surfers Paradise | Beachfront Apartments Gold Coast | Breakers North

Best places to dine in on Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise is the major cultural hub of the Gold Coast, Australia. There is so much more to Surfers Paradise than high rises, novelty arcades and expansive beaches.  If you are looking for somewhere to eat with the family, there’s a dazzling array of cafes, diners and restaurants serving all kinds of cuisine, and visitors are spoiled for choice. Check out the best places to dine in on Surfers Paradise.


If you are into seafood and buffet dining, then Citrique is the place for you. This place is located within the Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort & Spa. Their buffet contains a vast trove of oceanic treasures. They also have sushi, antipasto, yum cha, curries and Indonesian satays- all of which are cooked right in front of you. This is not the end, the Citrique team of pastry chefs are also at your service whenever you need a handcrafted dessert.

Seaduction Restaurant & Bar

Located on The Esplanade, this modern dining spot has been the recipient of the Australian Good Food Guide Chef’s Hat since 2013, so you know that what they’re creating will be fabulous beyond belief. Talking about the menu, they have deliciously unique ingredients like abalone and an extensive range of fish dishes cooked every way you can imagine. The venue is light and refreshing too. You can end the day by just watching the waves roll by with a perfectly crafted cocktail in hand.


This place gives a tough competition to the others. Bazaar’s selection of items is nothing but eye-popping and always changing with dinner options like made-to-order steaks, seafood, an Asian station, countless salads, a lolly station and a wall of quirky desserts. They serve seven days for breakfast, dinner and Sunday lunch. If you are decided to dine in to this place, one thing is guaranteed, you’ll need to be rolled out the door.

Clifford’s Grill & Lounge

This is one of the better options when it comes to hotel restaurants. Clifford’s Grill & Lounge has a sleek inner-city vibe and a grill house menu with an American twist. They have their Clifford’s signature Bombe Alaska dessert, which will make you say ‘wow’.  Once you’re done stuffing yourself, venture next door to The Walrus Social House for a nightcap, you will find a solid bar list including over 25 rums from around the world on the menu.


This is one of the best restaurants in the Surfers Paradise. Just pull up a seat to order from a menu loaded with pancakes to pulled pork, Peking duck bao, or delicate share boards to a 440-gram New York sirloin. No matter what your taste is, you will always find something, you’ll happily devour at Elston. And if not, there’s no shame in skipping dinner and getting straight into the cocktails! Cheers!

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